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I like the look of wood windows, but don’t have the budget what are the alternatives?

Wood windows are beautiful and in a lot of cases enhance the look of the property, so people don’t want to replace them or if they do, they struggle with the price tag wood windows carry.

But there are now a range of fantastic wood replicate Upvc windows.

Boyland windows have partnered with Residence 9, Timberlook, and Roseview to bring you Upvc windows that you would have to be a qualified joiner to know the difference.

Whether its standard casement windows or sliding sash, you really cannot tell the difference when they are fitted, if they are wood or not.

The only caveats we will add, is that if you are in a listed building, you have to repair where possible and if you do replace must get permission.

If you’re in a conservation area, you will also need permission if your changing materials, but our suppliers have case studies to help you get approval.

The savings are expediential, but the look remains the same.

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