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Why do windows materials make such a difference?


Ensure you get it right the first time or risk having a hole in the wall.


windows material

At Boyland Windows, our customers know the best views are through our windows. What they don’t know is whether they’re using the correct window materials. Cost clearly plays a part in their decision-making process, but competitive costing can be confusing. In some cases, we’ve seen bargain hunters sorely setting themselves up for frustration. Why? Because the windows materials they went with might not be optimal for where they live.


Rather than focusing on the costs, you should focus on the windows materials. If your windows show signs of age – whether the frames are bent, the panes are foggy, or don’t open properly – you need to take action. After all, a windows function is to let the outside in without going out. If your windows aren’t fulfilling their purpose, then no money will stop you from sourcing a replacement. Otherwise, you’ll basically have a hole in the wall. So make sure you get it right the first time!


Our friendly and approachable team can help you help yourself. We know that windows materials are not only the structural backbone of the window but provide its aesthetic appeal too. So, when looking for quality windows materials, focus on the frames before turning your attention inwards. In the long run, it’s far more cost-effective to focus on the material of the window over all other variables, such as the cost. The cost comes later. Revaluate, for sure, but the cost comes later! Now, let’s explore all the different windows materials that we have to offer.



How does the windows material selection process typically work?


We live in an age of affordable variation, where we’re virtually spoilt for choice.


When it comes to selecting your windows materials – it can be somewhat stressful. The choice you make will impact the aesthetic and insulation of your household for the years to come. Fortunately for homeowners, we live in an age of affordable variation, where we’re virtually spoilt for choice. Typically, when customers approach us we ask them what types of windows they’re interested in. Then, once the type has been selected, the material of the window frames take priority. Each of these materials has its pros and cons, but Boyland Windows is with you every step of the way. Let’s go over some of the basics below.




Perfect for more modern properties, aluminium is a flexible windows material that fits unique spaces. Lightweight but strong, they’re known for their sleek and narrow frames. By supporting large expanses of glass, they have a wider surface area for natural light to enter your home. It also requires far less upkeep than other materials and doesn’t have to be repainted. However, it does not hold up to heat and is the least energy-efficient material. Aluminium is also prone to corrosion from saltwater in the air if you live near the coast.




A composite of aluminium, wood and uPVC, this windows material offers the best of both worlds and combines to create a stronger product. Offering better strength, security, energy efficiency, aesthetics and lifespan. Combine the craftsmanship and detailing of timber windows with the benefits of uPVC – or chop and change it and rotate them out. However, despite its innovative features, it’s also the most expensive of the windows materials. However, it’s not only energy-efficient but has a greater resistance to moisture, rotting and warping.





After windows materials that are a great all-round material? Long-lasting and low maintenance, uPVC offers the highest performance at affordable prices. These smooth and stylish frames will never rot, flake or rust. Better still, their energy-efficient and require little to no maintenance. However, uPVC isn’t made of natural products, which makes it difficult to recycle. It also has less design flexibility, especially once installed.





There’s a reason why wood is such a popular choice amongst homeowners. This durable and natural resource can be made into an assortment of shapes and sizes. Great for those who want a more traditional look, wood gets harder over time and doesn’t allow as much condensation is as other windows materials. However, despite its aesthetic prowess, it is susceptible to rotting and warping. Unlike the other windows materials, it’s also vulnerable to insects and other pests. So on top of the base costs – which are already quite steep – you need to factor in maintenance costs too. Proper care will see that they last a lifetime.



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