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Why are windows and cladding so important?

Windows and Cladding


Wherever you inhabit, keep it looking spick and span and in good condition.


Most of us follow the same routine when we wake up in the morning. We rise, eat, brush and begin. Somewhere in the mix, we dress too – and the way we dress says a lot about us. Some of us dress hastily and put little effort into the action. Others plan outfits or have a specific set of clothes we frequent, such as the traditional suit and tie. Yet the way you dress says a lot about you. First impressions will inform associates of your character. Appearing clean and focused – opposed to relaxed and unkempt – is more important than you might first think. With that in mind, if your house were a living, breathing organism, do you think it would choose to look the way it does? No matter if it’s a cosy little cottage or a ramshackle shack, windows and cladding can significantly alter the aesthetic of your home. After all, the exterior of your abode says a lot about you.


Any estate agent will tell you that the first impression from the roadside is the most important. These are professionals speaking from experience; who sell houses for a living. If these dream sellers have difficulty seeing anything appetising about your home’s aesthetics, don’t worry. Well-thought-out windows and cladding will markedly improve your kerbside appeal and help it stand out – for the right reasons. No matter what dwelling you inhabit, it’s vital you keep it looking spick and span and in good condition. For this, we recommend refreshing your doors, windows and cladding. This, alongside any exterior wall coatings, can really brighten up the faces of those around you – including your own!



What makes good windows and cladding?


Soften brutalist concrete designs and make your property look more attractive.


Windows and cladding can be found on most commercial and some residential properties. But what is it? Windows facilitate the entry of natural light to pass into a property. It also allows the occupants to look out, keep the home ventilated and feel much less gloomy. Unlike windows, cladding isn’t transparent. Cladding is an extra layer that can improve most buildings sound and thermal insulation. It’s typically used to soften brutalist concrete designs and make a building more attractive. We utilise HardiePlank, which is an advance engineered cellulose-fibre and cement composite. This type of cladding offers the ultimate in fire, moisture, rot and pest resistance. The unique properties of HardiePlank offer major advantages over conventional cladding materials. It provides ease of installation, design flexibility and enhanced durability. HardiePlank can be attached to a buildings framework or an intermediate layer of battens or spacers.



Get in Contact and Benefit from Our Windows and Cladding!


First impressions are everything. Make yours count with Boyland Windows.


If we were to sum up Boyland Windows, we would say we are a solution provider for all your home improvement needs. We work with many product partners to supply you with the right Windows and Cladding.


We cover:


Ashley – Barton on Sea – Boscombe – Bournemouth – Brockenhurst – Burley – Burton – Christchurch – Dorset – Ferndown – Hampshire – Highcliffe – Hurn – Lymington – Lyndhurst – Milford on Sea – Mudeford – The New Forest – New Milton – Poole – Ringwood – Southbourne – West Parley – Wimborne – Winton


At Boyland Windows, our friendly advisors can point you in the right direction for the best windows and doors. Have any further questions? We’re open Monday to Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm.


Please feel free to get in touch by calling 01202 499499 or use our contact form.



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