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Why have lead times increased?

Since March 2020, we have seen lead times of all products get longer. Boyland Windows has seen its usual 2-week supply of windows increase to 6-8 weeks over the last year.

We are just stating seeing supply chains stabilise a year and half after the start of the pandemic.

So, what’s causing the issues, well its not just one thing, it’s a perfect storm of many factors all happening at the same time, which has affected the global supply of materials.

It was the pandemic that started the domino effect, manufacturers closing plants due to Covid, running their stocks low as demand was estimated to slow during the pandemic. Then with sudden increase in demand and staff having to be halved to keep distancing the output fell behind and has struggled to keep up.

Then Brexit in the background causing export/import issues and whilst this was getting sorted the main artery of supply of goods around the world the Suez Canal was blocked for a week, which caused a massive backlog of goods moving which meant a shortage of containers.

This knock-on effect was much bigger than expected and is only just returning to normal levels, but with Christmas pressure looming, this may perpetuate the situation into the new year.

This coupled with 2 out of the 3 major glass manufacturers closing there float plants for overhauls, has impacted glass supplies.

It has been a tough year for everyone, and I’m pleased to say that our customers have been understanding and patient during these times and we are very much looking forward to returning to normal flow of goods in 2022.

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