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When do I need to replace my existing Double-glazed windows?

When UPVC windows first hit the market, they were sold as a window for life.

However, we now know that isn’t the case, whist the frames themselves don’t rot or breakdown, the seals, hinges, handles, glass units, all break down and, in most cases, they are uneconomical to fix.

If it’s one unit that’s gone in your whole house, then replacing it will be cheaper than replacing whole windows.

But consider a few points; are the windows externally glazed. All early generation windows were glazed externally, and this is a security concern. The beads are just clipped into position and would pop off quite easily then the glass comes out making it easy for an intruder to hop in.

Are the handles secure, again the early windows, just had single cockspur handles, screwed to the internal face, under pressure these would either just snap or pull the screws out, making access easy.

So, when seals start to let the draught in, hinges break, glass mists up, consider the age of the window and the security and make your decision based on long term economic viability.

If you can afford to do your whole house, you will secure the best rates. But breaking it down to 3 windows at a time, will help keep cost down. But we install many one-off windows with the client over a few years looking to replace the whole house.

If your unsure, we will give you best advice on your windows, supply you with a written quote, then leave the decision to you.

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