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What’s the Best Material to Order my Windows in – Wood, UPVC, Aluminium or Composite?

It’s a great question what are the differences and what material should you choose?

Well let’s start with the basics, they all do the same thing, they keep the wind and rain out, and keep your house warm and secure.

So, from a performance view, there isn’t any real difference.

It really comes down to, aesthetics, costs, maintenance.

I’ve listed the products in order of cost, with the most economical purchase rising to highest cost:


UPVC Veka Casement Windows


This is the most economical and used product. It has a wider scope of choice though than most people think, white isn’t the only option, differing colours inside and out are not a problem, but once chosen can’t be changed. We also install UPVC windows manufactured to replicate traditional wood windows, from joint design to section sizes, it is hard to tell the difference. UPVC can be shaped and has a range of glazing styles.  It just needs a regular wash down to keep it looking good, so virtually is maintenance-free.


Aluminium Windows


Aluminium is sleek, and contemporary looking with narrower sight lines. We recommend if you’re having a bifold door its aluminium, for its stability and slim sight lines. It does have design limitations and whilst not as expensive as wood its considerably more than UPVC. Like UPVC it just needs a regular wash down to keep the paintwork looking good, so is virtually maintenance-free.


Flush Casement Wood Windows


Now as a joiner by trade, I love wood, its tactile and warm and gives you a feeling of quality. Its flexible as your tastes change, you can change the colour inside as you redecorate, you can change the external look of your house by repainting. It has a greater design scope. It’s a beautiful window, but it is expensive. It will also need maintenance to keep the wood protected from the elements. But it is the most environmentally friendly material than all the others.

Aluminium Timber and composite

Composite Aluminium Wood Windows


Aluminium and Timber composite is the most expensive window in the range, with the beauty of wood internally and the low maintenance and look of aluminium externally. Great when you want no maintenance with the natural feel of wood.

There are instances where the decision has been made for you, i.e. you wouldn’t be able to put UPVC in a listed building. You may, however, be able to put wood look-alike UPVC in a conservation area depending on local authority approval.

We have a wide range of products in our showroom to display the differences and benefits of each the above materials and we would be pleased to assist in helping you make the right decision for your property.

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