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Do I need Trickle vents and what are they?

Trickle vents comprise of a canopy on the outside and a vent on the inside, with a slot cut through the top of the window to allow air flow through.

They are controllable with a cover on the inside.

They were introduced to allow natural ventilation into your building to replace the old air bricks.

They are always required in new built properties, extensions (unless you have incorporated a mechanical air recovery system) and where you are replacing existing windows where you already have them.

If you fall outside the above categories what’s the pros and cons

If you suffer damp in the house or you want certain rooms to be vented without opening windows like bathrooms, they can provide natural ventilation, assisting with your conditions.

However they are noticeable externally and some people don’t like the look of them, and whilst they have an inspect mesh, if your in a area with trees etc, you may find small bugs lay their lava in there and you get some ingress of bugs.

The other issue, if you’re in an exposed position is that under severe rain and wind pressure you may get some water ingress.

You have to balance the considerations to whether you would like them, unless as mentioned your forced to have them by Regulations.

Boyland windows will discuss all the options with you prior to placing your order.

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