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Slam Lock Door

Slam Lock Door

Here’s why a slam door lock is perfect for hectic homes

The slam door benefits from efficient, instantaneous locking.

Just moved in? If so, then a slam door is one of the first things you should install as a new homeowner. After all, do you honestly know who has the keys to your property? If not – well – you don’t want to find out the hard way . . . Changing an inherited lock for a slam lock door is simple and only takes a few minutes.

A few minutes for peace of mind? Well, I think we can all agree that’s time well spent.

Yet, the reasons for getting a slam door are twofold: for starters, it’s one step closer to facilitating a fire door – and a fire door is more than just a door. It’s a vital element in any building and forms a crucial line of defence against a fire. Yet, besides this, we recommend the slam lock door for one simple reason: security. The slam lock door benefits from efficient, instantaneous locking.

So, if safety is paramount in your household and you want to secure your home in a hurry, then a slam lock door is the best choice for you and your family.

Here at Boyland Windows, we aim to provide products that are not only highly secure but designed to keep you and your property safe. We utilise stringently tested materials that meet strict quality criteria and slow down the spread of fire. Not only that, but perhaps you have to close a door quickly to prevent a small child or pet from bolting? Whatever the reason, a slam door lock is the more efficient lock type on the market today. As soon as the door is closed, the slam lock activates the multipoint lock hooks – no need to lift the handle and no need to worry.


How does the slam door function, operate and help your household?

The slam door ensures that when pulled shut, the self-locking system secures your home from uninvited entry. Unlike traditional locks, doors fitted with a slam lock no longer necessitate engagement with the handle. The action of closing the door is sufficient enough force to activate the lock hooks, meaning there’s no need to lift the handle. As soon as the door is closed, the automatic latch bolts secure themselves to prevent entry.

This means the slam door cannot be opened from the outside without a key. You can, however, deadbolt the door from the inside by turning the key.

From within, latch bolts retract, and the door can open using a thumb turn, key or door handle. From the outside, the latch bolts are retracted and keyhole is situated halfway up the door. Plus, as far as aesthetics are concerned, these locks don’t look any different as they are the same doors. Once locked, the slam lock also helps prevent the door from warping. It does so by holding the door in place and by locking all points rather than relying on the homeowner to lift the lever. Once closed, the solid latching deadbolts throw 20mm into the frame to provide security against forced entry. Plus, you can even night or childproof the lock with a simple key turn. This blocks the interior lever but keeps the main bolt locked.



The slam lock door incorporates a dual spindle lock that features two square drives to operate the lock. This means the external handle can operate all the locking points but will not withdraw the latch. This is now only operable from the outside by the cylinder.

The slam door has an actuator unit positioned between the centre case and the top bolt of the lock. Once closed, a trigger in the actuator is depressed by a strike plate fitted to the outer frame. This allows the actuator to drive the top and bottom bolts into their extended position. To secure a property, a single rotation of the key then locks the door.


What’s the difference between a deadlock and a slam door?

Slam lock door explained

A slam lock door integrates with the existing locking mechanism. Once fitted, the multi-locking system will automatically engage when the slam door closes. Should you ever find yourself locked in, slam locks can be bypassed from inside your home. Meaning the safety of your inhabitants is never at risk in the event of an emergency. safety is never at risk.

Deadbolt door explained

A deadbolt is completely separate from the slam door locking mechanism. It is only locked when you manually twist the key within the lock and unlockable when turning the key in the cylinder. Its main purpose provides additional security, particularly overnight. If burglars bypass the slam lock door, they will also need to get through the deadbolt.


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