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Secondary Glazing

The Beauty of a listed building or a property with authentic timber windows is unparalleled, however, if the windows are single-glazed, then you will know they are, cold, draughty, suffer badly with condensation and don’t cut the traffic sound. If you’re in a listed building then you definitely can’t change the windows, or you may just love your windows and don’t want to spoil the look of the property.

Secondary Glazing is the solution, they are manufactured in slim section aluminium in a variety of configurations that are perfect for listed buildings. Neatly tucking onto the inside of existing window frames. The goal is for secondary glazing’s impact to be felt and never seen. Its unobtrusive nature means being able to improve a listed property’s heat retention, security, and soundproofing without fear of classic aesthetic compromise. Secondary glazing configurations are designed to match the design of the primary window that they sit against so that both line up neatly.

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