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Is there a benefit of triple glazing over double glazing?

benefit of triple glazing over double glazing

To fully answer this question, we have to consider where you are looking to install the windows.

If you are building a new energy efficient house (passive house) with high insulation values, then adding triple glazing to get closer to the performance levels of the walls and roof make sense. Cost in this situation is less relevant due to the build costs of the passive house.

However, if you’re looking to upgrade and replace your existing windows in a standard build property then double glazing will return your investment far quicker than triple.

You really have to work out what’s important to you, and I would suggest return on any investment must be a deciding factor.

To get some context we need to understand how windows are measured for performance.

The two main measures used are U-values and energy ratings.

U-values are the unit given for the thermal transmittance of the window, basically the lower the figure the better the performance. Single glazing for instance has a U-value of 5.8. FENSA asks that replacement windows should have a U-value of 1.4, Triple glazing windows are around 1.0.

Energy rating takes into consideration not only the above but what solar gain (heat allowed in) gives an overall efficiency level. Boyland windows are A-rated, so have good well-balanced insulation and solar gain benefits.

Triple glazing obviously costs more, there’s an additional pane of glass to consider, this should also be toughened to reduce the risk of heat buildup in the middle pane. The ironmongery has to be heavier to carry the weight, and the size of opening components is limited. These additional materials and labour factors contribute to the higher price compared to double glazed windows.

But triple glazing gives better sound insulation, doesn’t it? This isn’t strictly true, in that sound waves vibrate through materials, the closer the materials as in triple, the easier for the waves to carry. Allowing for deadening as it hits the inner pane, the insulation for a double-glazed unit with a wider spacer would work about the same. If it’s sound you want to reduce, you need to add in different thickness glass, a very good start is having a 6.8 acoustic laminated pane and a 4mm pane. But it depends on the sound reduction you want to achieve, as to how the unit is made up and the cost you want to invest in it.

In summary, my advice is if you want the very best and cost isn’t an issue, triple glazing nudges it. If you’re looking to achieve good insulation and sound at the best price, then double glazing wins every time.

For expert advice and high-quality double glazed window solutions, reach out to Boyland Windows today to discuss your needs with our friendly team.

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