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How do I keep my new windows looking great?

The answer is simple, it’s like looking after your car; regular washing down with a weak mixture of washing up liquid and water, rinsing off and drying and giving it an annual service.

Washing the window frames as well as the glass is the key. Dependent on where you are, will be dependent on how your windows react and how many times you should wash down.

If you’re in an area with trees it will be sap that will come into contact with your windows causing staining and left uncleaned will become ingrained.

If you’re on a main road it will be the carbon in the air that will cause your windows to look dirty, again if left it will become ingrained.

If you’re on the coast, washing down is critical and should be done more frequently than in other areas, as salt will attack the coatings and left will cause UPVC windows to lose their sheen. With aluminium, the powder coating will start to break down and flake.

Keeping moving parts lubricated, we would suggest using a silicone spray, don’t use WD40 as this does have water in and will cause issues over the long term.

It all really is location dependent, but we would suggest washing windows at least every 3 months and lubricating moving components at least twice a year.

If you have timber windows, these will need further maintenance at the set intervals levels with your guarantee, with a light rub down and recoat with microporous paint. You need to refer to specific guidelines supplied with your window.

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