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How Do I Choose a Composite Door, They All Look the Same?

On the face of it, composite doors all look the same, but are they?

The simple answer is NO.

There are a lot of specification variances and this will affect what you pay for it.

Questions to ask: –

Has the door been tested to PAS24 security test and does it have the Police Secure by Design accreditation? If yes, you can be certain it has undergone rigourous security testing to make sure it withstands attack.

Are the handles, letter plate knocker stainless steel based, so it doesn’t corrode? These items take quite a pounding from the weather and use so it’s important that these items are of very good quality, otherwise they will pit and discolour in the weather and worst case fall apart during use.

Does the door have a low-level threshold, so you don’t have a large step to get over when going in or out of your home?

Is the lock an Ultion cylinder? There is no point in having a five-point locking mechanism, if the cylinder can simply be snapped and the door unlocked. The Ultion Lock is the best cylinder on the market for security.

The other great useful item that you can get from Ultion is a Bluetooth key. So, if you lose your keys you can find them with your phone, but you can also use the key to find your phone, Superb.
Finally, does the installer offer a 10-year insurance back guarantee on the door?

If, when your choosing your door you get a YES to all these questions, you can be guaranteed you have a top-quality robust and secure door.

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