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Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are as practical as they are stylish

With its slim-line profiles, you benefit from more glass, less frame

Looking for the ideal solution for both domestic and commercial window applications? There’s no competition – horizontal sliding windows are the way to go. Our market-leading hardware offers excellent energy credentials, superb strength and high security.

Horizontal sliding windows open without needing any exterior or interior space. As they don’t protrude, its perfectly practical for places above kitchen counters and sinks. What’s more, sliding windows work well with walkways, patios or other places where you wouldn’t want a window to jut out. Horizontal sliding windows are as practical as they are stylish.

Horizontal sliding windows are a refreshing alternative to the much more common casement window. Our horizontal sliding windows offer plenty of profiles and configurations. Slim-line offers more glass area and less visible frame. Yet, whilst they are faster to open than crank-style awning or casement windows, there is a reason these are so popular. If you’re concerned about heat-retention in your home, then a casement window may be more economical.

However, for ease of use, simplicity, and simple good looks, it’s difficult to beat a sliding design.


The benefits of horizontal sliding windows

✔ Horizontal sliding windows easily glide on a roller, with little more than the push of a finger

✔ Most sliding windows feature panels that lift out completely, making them easy to clean

✔ Fewer parts than conventional windows make them low maintenance and cost effective

✔ Enjoy unobstructed views thanks to oversized glass panes that let in plenty of natural light

✔ Springs wear and fail over time but sliding windows do not rely on such components to open


How do double horizontal sliding windows differ from single horizontal sliding windows?

From locking to cleaning and closing, we’ll explain how the two really are quite similar.

The same principles apply to single and double hung, where both sides slide back and forth on a single slider. One portion slides, the secondary portion is stationary. Yet one of the concerns sometimes with double horizontal sliding windows is that you might not lock the window properly.


How to lock double horizontal sliding windows

Press on one side to hold it in place. Press and push out to ensure that the interlocking system locks into place. This way, this portion doesn’t slide towards you, and you’ll be able to lock it in place easypeasy. If, for whatever reason, it doesn’t lock, you want to pull it behind. If you can pull it towards you, you know that the locking mechanism you want to press you hear that quick you know it’s locked in. So press out, pull this portion, push it to the other side, and locks easy-peasy.


For cleaning horizontal sliding windows, the same applies

You take the latch, squeeze them in, tilt the window towards you, and it’s easy cleaning. With horizontal sliding windows, you want to ensure that when you tilt the sash open, you tilt it to 90° – so the sash itself does not move. If you only put it like this, you can see the sash moves, which is NOT GOOD for the windows. So, again, you want to turn it 90° so that weight doesn’t move.

You can now take this side, slide it over a couple of inches, take the two side latches, squeeze and tilt it to 90° to clean it.

Then you want to press not hard but firmly. If you hear the click, you’ll know it’s in place. Always check by pushing your hand behind it. If you can pull it towards you, you’ll know you haven’t clicked it properly in place. So slide it over firm, and if it doesn’t move, you know it’s locked into place. Hold one side, press in the interlock and BOOM – the locked side is solid.


The latches on single horizontal sliding windows work the same as the double

You press in, press up, and they pop out. This allows you to have the window open a couple of inches but still have some locking mechanism in place. You close it over – press in, press forward, press in, press forward – there, now push it in, and you can slide it again and firmly interlock it. This is the beauty of either types of the horizontal sliding windows.


Problem vs. Solution

❌ Installing windows, doors, or conservatories aren’t typically do-it-yourself kind of projects. It’s essential these offer your household optimal aesthetics and security.

⚠ Fortunately, Boyland-trained installers are on hand to help. Get in touch if you need the most appropriate solutions for your lifestyle or want a bespoke installation quote.

✅ We’ll assess your home to provide the horizontal sliding windows of your choice; from our friendly advice to our tailor-made solutions – we’re by your side for life.


What process should I expect when buying horizontal sliding windows?

Just like the windows you’re purchasing – an utterly transparent one.

Much like approaching any supplier and installer of goods, you pursue the following steps. Yet before continuing, we should make clear that YOU are in charge of what horizontal sliding windows you receive. This is your own home, so NEVER kowtow to ANY cold callers! If you do, research before agreeing to anything. Explore the following avenues:

✅ | Which? Trusted Traders
✅ | Check a Trade
✅ | Trustpilot
✅ | Facebook
✅ | Go in person

Boyland Windows avoid disruptive sales tactics like cold calling, and we implore you to reject such services. Failure to do so, encourages it. No all that is said and done, lets look into step one of acquiring your horizontal sliding windows . . .

1. Call & Book a Survey

The visiting surveyor should find out what you want – not sell you something you don’t need. They will measure the windows in question and produce a quote. Boyland Windows price every job on its own merits and get actual live prices from manufacturers. This approach takes longer than using a price matrix or standard price list, but its far more accurate and better value for money. So prepare yourself for the horizontal sliding windows you want rather than the ones that make do.

2. The Quote

A written quote provides full specification of the product, along with images showing the horizontal sliding windows. The quote can be emailed or posted, either of which saves you from having to print it out at home. You should be able to read and take in the quote without any pressure or anyone standing over you.

Boyland Windows will call you AFTER we send the quote to ensure it’s received and see if you have any questions.

There is no selling at any stage – you decide on the company and the quote. We should note that we do not take a deposit on Standard UPVC. Therefore, all you need to do is sign the acceptance form, and our team will organise the materials. In most instances we won’t need to return for another survey as we would have already done it.

3. Ordering, Suppling & Installing

We will order the horizontal sliding windows and – when it arrives – call you and book a convenient time to carry out the installation. Once installed, you will be shown how to use your new windows and have the opportunity to check through our sign-off sheet to ensure you are happy.

Only then do you part with your money and pay.

To keep costs minimal, we take online banking payments or cheques. Once paid, you will receive a follow up call. We do this to ensure everything went well and give you the opportunity to provide any feedback – good or bad (though we aim for the former!) You will also receive a validated invoice.

Boyland Windows process may take a little longer than our competitors – but it’s not without reason. We put YOU in charge and ensure you receive the best rates available. The whole process is controlled, and you get the product and service your deserve.

For more information on our ethical policy, click here.



The best views are through our windows.

Featuring the highest quality standards, our range is made of wood, aluminium, UPVC, steel and composite materials.

✅ | Aluminium “Smart” Horizontal Sliding Windows
✅ | Wooden Traditional Flush Casement Windows
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Available in wood, aluminium, UPVC and composite materials, we only supply the most attractive and secure doors.

✅ | UPVC “Veka” Patio Sliding Doors
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Spacious, energy-efficient and uniquely designed.

Open your home up to your garden with Boyland Windows. Take control of the elements with our expertly designed conservatories.

✅ | Bespoke “Boyland” Conservatories
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Get in touch to learn more about our horizontal sliding windows range

First impressions are everything. Make yours count with Boyland Windows.

Boyland Windows are the solution provider for all your home improvement needs. We work with many product partners to supply you with the best possible option to use with your GOV Double Glazing Grant. Our experienced installers operate in . . .

Ashley – Barton on Sea – Boscombe – Bournemouth – Brockenhurst – Burley – Burton – Christchurch – Dorset – Ferndown – Hampshire – Highcliffe – Hurn – Lymington – Lyndhurst – Milford on Sea – Mudeford – The New Forest – New Milton – Poole – Ringwood – Southbourne – West Parley – Wimborne – Winton

Have any further questions about horizontal sliding windows? Our friendly advisors can point you in the right direction – just get in touch.


Our Lifetime Guarantee . . .

✔ Boyland Windows – Guarantees UPVC and Aluminium Products

✔ Boyland Windows – Guarantees Wood Products

✔ Boyland Windows – Guarantees Care & Maintenance of your Conservatory or Orangery

✔ We purchase quality products with certifications of approval from governing bodies

✔ We are also checked, monitored and regularly scored by independent bodies

Please feel free to get in touch by calling 01202 499499 or use our contact form.


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