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High Quality uPVC Windows

High Quality uPVC Windows

Why do our high-quality uPVC windows stand the test of time?

You’re assured of quality when your fitter works with trusted suppliers like VEKA.

Here at Boyland Windows, we’ve been working with VEKA – a German profile window frame extruder for a good few years. VEKA provide high-quality uPVC windows that we fit in homes across the South of England. Yet, before this step, we prepare their products in our factory, where we cut and use their profiles to fabricate our windows and doors. We’ve worked with VEKA to improve their product from a specification point of view, from a thermal efficiency point of view, right to this day and age. Any old windows that we take out and remove, we do our utmost to repurpose the steal and hardware. VEKA then ground this down to produce their new extruded window frames.

Now, consider ALL the windows installed worldwide – some of which have withstood the test of time for over 30 years now!

We have local customers that we install windows for who are still delighted with the product they have today. These thermally efficient double glazed units feature argon gas. This gas fills the center pane of that unit to help keep the property cool in the summer, and conversely – in the winter – it will help keep the heat inside. All our windows are tested for air permeability too. So, when our high-quality uPVC windows shut, you can rest easy knowing that any warm air stays inside your property. In this regard, the glass will also keep that summer heat out too. Laterally, from a green point of view, we ensure that we recycle the whole product. So you’re not drawing on any natural resources – our high-quality uPVC windows are a recycled product that can be used again and again. From a noise point of view, we can – and we do often – use what’s called acoustic glazing. In this case, the first pane is thicker and has a coating that prevents sound coming through to an even greater degree than standard double glazing. This is very popular in areas where you might have a tram going past or noisy town center area. It can literally block the sound out. So, again, this is to keep homes more comfortable for the homeowner.

We use the best quality materials available to us.

VEKA and ourselves have helped develop one anothers high-quality uPVC windows to where they are now. The hardware. The hinges. The handles. They are all market-leading; they’re all tried and tested over time. All so the product we supply can warrant the status of being regarded as high-quality uPVC windows. Better still, all windows are independently quality tested by Boyland Windows to assess that certain boxes are ticked. From that moment on, we know that if we install that product, you won’t have to worry about that for 20-30 years. We know that the installation is eco-friendly and installed to our lofty standards. This further ensures the product is of the highest-quality. To double down on this, every customer is issued a full guarantee for complete peace of mind. No matter what the issue is years down the line or well beyond, we’ll sort that out for you.

That’s the peace of mind we provide to our loyal customers.


The benefits of high-quality uPVC windows

✔ Pollution-resistant

✔ Energy efficient

✔ No condensation

✔ Highly secure

✔ And more!

How are high-quality uPVC window profiles produced?

Whilst we don’t produce them, let’s take a peek behind the curtain.

The profile is the most important part of all high-quality uPVC windows as it affects the parameters. Interestingly, only a few window manufacturers worldwide produce profiles for their windows. One of those is VEKA. VEKA is a German extruder of high-quality uPVC profiles for windows and is headquartered in Sendenhorst, Germany. Their touch impacts the quality of the production process at every stage. VEKA’s uPVC window profiles are produced using high-quality components and advanced production lines. Before they begin producing the profile, they precisely check the quality of the PVC mixture from which the profile is made. Materials such as PVC or chalk have a huge impact on the quality of final products. This is why evaluating their quality in the first place is a crucial element of the profile’s production.

To be environmentally friendly, VEKA has implemented a zero-waste philosophy in its factory.

Each profile that cannot be sold, is reused, and any window profiles considered poor by quality control are transported to the mill. Here, they are milled into smaller pieces, and those smaller elements are processed into granulates. These are recycled raw materials that can be reused in the production process instead of granules. Furthermore, VEKA doesn’t waste water. To cool their high-quality uPVC window profiles, they use chilled water from a closed circulation. Some aspects of their factory utilise a fully automated production line. First, the blend transported to the extruder must move through the extrusion head and then through the calibrators. Yet, to form the finished product, it must meet all requirements. The profile that comes out of the head can reach up to 195 °Celsius degrees, so it needs to be cooled. The final window profile is cut into sections and packed into a container located in the storage area. However, only marked loading is transported to the warehouse.

Titanium technology is a full-featured PVC profile with an admixture of titanium.

Titanium Technology combines the highest quality PVC with an admixture of titanium oxide at the stage of plastic forming. Titanium dioxide is an inorganic chemical compound. It consists of a titanium molecule and two oxygen molecules. Due to its properties, this substance is widely used in the industry as a natural dye which is often called titanium white. It is also used as a mineral UV filter because it creates a resistant sun barrier. Yet, the strict control of all components from a carefully prepared recipe is not the end of the production process. Even during production, the profile is subjected to multi-stage quality control. During testing, the profile is monitored for geometry, functionality or colour. The prepared profiles are then transported to an automatic high storage warehouse. It’s here that they produce VEKA’s durable windows, which Boyland Windows installs across Dorset.


Sound Familiar?

❌ Installing windows, doors, or conservatories aren’t typical DIY kinds of projects. It’s essential that these products offer your household optimal aesthetics and security.

⚠ Fortunately, Boyland-trained installers are here to help. Get in touch if you need the most appropriate solutions for your lifestyle or want a bespoke uPVC windows quote.

✅ We’ll assess your home and install high-quality uPVC windows suited to you. Together, with our friendly advice and tailor-made solutions – we’re by your side for life.

What’s involved in getting our high-quality uPVC windows

Much like approaching any supplier and installer of goods, you pursue the following steps.

Before continuing, we should make clear that YOU are ultimately in charge of the price of whatever high-quality uPVC windows you want. This is your own home, after all – so NEVER kowtow to ANY cold callers! If you do, research before agreeing to anything. Explore the following avenues:

🟨 | Which? Trusted Traders
🟨 | Check a Trade
🟨 | Trustpilot
🟨 | Facebook
🟨 | Go in person

Boyland Windows avoid disruptive sales tactics like cold calling, and we implore you to reject such services. Failure to do so, encourages it. No all that is said and done, lets look into the first step of acquiring your high-quality uPVC windows . . .

1. Call & Book a Survey

The visiting surveyor should find out what you want – not sell you something you don’t need. They will measure the windows in question and produce a uPVC windows quote. Boyland Windows price every job on its own merits and get actual live prices from manufacturers. This approach takes longer than using a price matrix or standard price list, but its far more accurate and better value for money. So prepare yourself for the high-quality uPVC windows you want rather than settling for the ones that make do.

2. The uPVC Windows Quote

A written uPVC windows quote provides full specification of the product, along with images showing what you can expect of the finished product. Your uPVC windows quote can be emailed or posted, either of which saves you from having to print it out at home. You should be able to read and take in the quote without any pressure or anyone standing over you.

Boyland Windows will call you AFTER we send the quote to ensure it’s received and see if you have any questions.

There is no selling at any stage – you decide on the brand of your high-quality uPVC windows. We should note that we do not take a deposit on standard uPVC. Therefore, all you need to do is sign the acceptance form, and our team will organise the materials. In most instances we won’t need to return for another survey as it would already be done.

3. Ordering, Suppling & Installing

We will order your preferred high-quality uPVC windows and – when it arrives – call you to book a convenient time to carry out the installation. Once installed, you will be shown how to use your new high-quality uPVC windows. You will also have the opportunity to check through our sign-off sheet to ensure you are happy with our service and your product.

Only then do you part with your money and pay.

To keep costs minimal, we take online banking payments or cheques. Once paid, you will receive a follow up call. We do this to ensure everything went well and give you the opportunity to provide any feedback – good or bad (though we aim for the former!) You will also receive a validated invoice.


Boyland Windows process may take a little longer than our competitors – but it’s not without reason. We put YOU in charge and ensure you receive the best rates available. The whole process is controlled, and you get the product and service your deserve.

For more information on our ethical policy, click here.


The best views are through our windows.

Featuring the highest quality standards, our range is made of wood, aluminium, UPVC, steel and composite materials.

✅ | Aluminium “Smart” Horizontal Sliding Windows
✅ | Wooden Traditional Flush Casement Windows
✅ | And much more!




Open your homes with the best doors.

Available in wood, aluminium, UPVC and composite materials, we only supply the most attractive and secure doors.

✅ | UPVC “Veka” Patio Sliding Doors
✅ | Wooden Bi-Fold Doors
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Spacious, energy-efficient and uniquely designed.

Open your home up to your garden with Boyland Windows. Take control of the elements with our expertly designed conservatories.

✅ | Bespoke “Boyland” Conservatories
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Get in touch to learn more about our high-quality uPVC windows

First impressions are everything. Make yours count with Boyland Windows.

Boyland Windows are the solution provider for all your home improvement needs. We work with many product partners to supply you with the best possible option to use with your GOV Double Glazing Grant. Our experienced installers operate in . . .

Ashley – Barton on Sea – Boscombe – Bournemouth – Brockenhurst – Burley – Burton – Christchurch – Dorset – Ferndown – Hampshire – Highcliffe – Hurn – Lymington – Lyndhurst – Milford on Sea – Mudeford – The New Forest – New Milton – Poole – Ringwood – Southbourne – West Parley – Wimborne – Winton

Have any further questions about our high-quality uPVC windows? Our friendly advisors can point you in the right direction – just get in touch.


Our Lifetime Guarantee . . .

Boyland Windows – Guarantees UPVC and Aluminium Products

Boyland Windows – Guarantees Wood Products

Boyland Windows – Guarantees Care & Maintenance of your Conservatory or Orangery

✔ We purchase quality products with certifications of approval from governing bodies

✔ We are also checked, monitored and regularly scored by independent bodies

Please feel free to get in touch by calling 01202 499499 or use our contact form.


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