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Fascia and Soffit Repair

Fascia and Soffit Repair

Why is fascia and soffit repair a necessary expense worth investing in?

Windows might be the eyes of the home. But a weak fascia or soffit will cause the waterworks.

Let’s face it. Paint flaking off a weather-beaten fascia and soffit is never a good look. You want a home that looks it’s absolute best – inside and out. Yet, when it comes to exterior cladding, these are the first line of defence against the elements. As such, they must be durable, but anything described as flaking or weather-beaten is likely past its sell-by date. In this case, we advise you to freshen up your exterior and improve your thermal insulation with fascia and soffit repair. Vinyl, wood, and metal fascia and soffit repair exists, with varying durability, prices, and aesthetics.

We all know what windows are, but fascia or a soffit is not a word we tend to encounter in our everyday lives. That said, it’s a significant part of your home’s exterior.

What is the fasica?

The fascia is a horizontal or angled board that encloses the edge – or face – of the projecting eaves. Essentially, these are the boards attached to the front and back of your home. As a single board of siding, it supports the lower row of roof tiles, acts as a solid base for guttering and stops moisture from reaching your rafters. This is good as water can lead to dampness and rot. It’s also visible from ground level and, as such, plays into your home’s curbside appeal. That’s right. That spot you tried to push out of your mind and ignore is for all to see.

What is the soffit?

The soffit board is tucked away UNDERNEATH the fascia board and can be seen from street level. It covers the roof overhang from below and protects the exposed part of the roof between the external wall and the fascia. Exterior house trim like this helps define the features of a structure and create focal points that add interest and curb appeal. In addition to this, it can help ventilate your roof. Without adequate ventilation, condensation will form in the roof void, increasing the risk of timber decay. Unless, of course, you favour something like uPVC as a material.

Give your home that professional touch thanks to our high-quality fascia and soffit repair.

Windows might be the eyes of the house. But cracked, damaged or a weak fascia or soffit can really cause the waterworks. If left for a long time, your gutter might separate from your home – leading to leaks and improper drainage in your garden and interior. Put simply; it’s a helluva costly mistake. That said, even beautiful fascia and soffit might not *look* damaged; however, if you got up a ladder and inspected them, they might be in a whole other condition. For that reason, if you suspect yours are even worn and tired, get in touch with your local expert. We’ll freshen up your home and undertake fascia and soffit repair in next to no time.


The benefits of fascia and soffit repair

✔ Protect your home from harsh weather

✔ Prevent animals from nesting in your roof

✔ Reduce the maintenance of your roof

✔ Elevate your roof’s aesthetic appeal

✔ And more!

How will a fascia and soffit repair help hold your home together?

Fascias and soffits can last for years, depending on the material they are made from.

Most traditional properties are made from wood, which – if not properly maintained – can collect water and start to rot. That’s why a lot of roof trim nowadays is made from uPVC. This material lasts a lot longer and requires very little maintenance. So, unless you love sanding and repainting on a high ladder, we’d recommend the uPVC option.

Once these are installed, you won’t have to worry about them for years to come.

One of the everyday home repair tasks we’re often requested is to repair rotted soffits and fascia. Therefore, we thought we would share how your home’s soffits and fascia become rotted and ruined. This will illustrate some warning signs and help diagnose whether you can stall any expensive fascia and soffit repairs. Finally, we’ll talk about some simple steps YOU can take to reduce your chance of any costly fascia and soffit repairs. But before we begin, we just wanted to tell you a quick story. When we were new in the home improvement business, we sometimes saw homes that looked somewhat worse for wear. Standing on the ground, we’d look up at a soffit and ask ourselves . . .

🟧 | “Well, why is it rotting?”
🟧 | “Why is the paint peeling?”
🟧 | “It’s not exposed to the elements.”
🟧 | “It doesn’t see direct rain, even driving rain.”
🟧 | “It’s kind of underneath something that should be protecting it.”
🟧 | “Why is the rest of it painted, and this part looks so bad?”

We never knew the answers to those questions. So, we’re just telling you that story because many of you may see this in your or someone else’s home. The best way to answer these questions is to explain how a typical fascia gutter and soffit system is supposed to work to shed water away from home. Consequently, it can decay or rote if this does not work correctly.

So, today we’re going to address how we undertake a fascia and soffit repair, even whilst dealing with a drip edge.

As you can see right here, we have some pretty good damage. The wood’s rotted because water has run down and come through the backside. So now we take our saw, mark along right here, and cut it right across. We’ll take our speed square, set it up against this trim piece to get a straight edge, and continue. When you get to this edge right here, you have a two by two by eight usually across this face, and it’s nailed to that plywood. So you want to go on an angle and get as much of it as possible— all without cutting this fascia. So we’ll just chisel another little part out – no big deal – now that this is loose, this part right here, we need to take down a little bit. We’ve got nails back there; this is a demo blade, so get this in here, okay, we’re loose from here, and everything’s loose except for this fascia part. We don’t want to pull this down and crack that fascia, so we’ll take this part and get it loose.

We’ll have to cut it since this is one solid piece. We’ll take a saw to it and go right here.

Now, we’ll be able to pull that little piece out of it, take this, and wiggle it a little bit. It comes right out because it’s so rotted. Now, what we’re going to do is cut this straight across. We’re going to take a block of wood on the top, put a cross, and that’s where I will tack that onto the back. It might be just a piece of wood, but it will strengthen this. So, we’re going to cut this straight across right here, and there’s a little part that I’ll have to break loose and chisel out. Well, we got fortunate. It broke off, basically clean. All I have to do is chisel a tiny piece off, bring that up, and I don’t have much daylight left. So I’m going to just put a piece of plastic across here, so nothing gets in it, and I’ll resume this fascia and soffit repair tomorrow.


Sound Familiar?

❌ Installing windows, doors, or conservatories aren’t typical DIY kinds of projects. It’s essential that these products offer your household optimal aesthetics and security.

⚠ Fortunately, Boyland-trained installers are here to help. Get in touch if you need the most appropriate solutions for your lifestyle or want a bespoke uPVC windows quote.

✅ We’ll assess your home and carry out fascia and soffit repair in your home. With our friendly advice and tailor-made solutions – we’re by your side for life.


What’s involved in our high-quality fascia and soffit repair?

Much like approaching any supplier and installer of goods, you pursue the following steps.

Before continuing, we should make clear that YOU are ultimately in charge of the price of whatever high-quality fascia and soffit repair that you want. This is your own home, after all – so NEVER kowtow to ANY cold callers! If you do, research before agreeing to anything. Explore the following avenues:

🟨 | Which? Trusted Traders
🟨 | Check a Trade
🟨 | Trustpilot
🟨 | Facebook
🟨 | Go in person

Boyland Windows avoid disruptive sales tactics like cold calling, and we implore you to reject such services. Failure to do so encourages it. Now all that is said and done, let’s look into the first step of acquiring your fascia and soffit repair . . .

1. Call & Book a Survey

The visiting surveyor should find out what you want – not sell you something you don’t need. They will measure the space in question and produce a fascia and soffit repair quote. Boyland Windows price every job on its own merits and get actual live prices from manufacturers. This approach takes longer than using a price matrix or standard price list, but it’s far more accurate and has better value for money. So prepare yourself for the fascia and soffit repair service that you need rather than settling for the one that’ll make do.

2. The Windows and Fascia Quote

A written fascia and soffit repair quote provides full specification of the product, along with images showing what you can expect of the finished product. Your fascia and soffit repair quote can be emailed or posted, either of which saves you from having to print it out at home. You should be able to read and take in the quote without any pressure or anyone standing over you.

Boyland Windows will call you AFTER we send the quote to ensure it’s received and see if you have any questions.

There is no selling at any stage – you decide on what you want achieved from your high-quality fascia and soffit repair. We should note that we do not take a deposit on standard uPVC. Therefore, all you need to do is sign the acceptance form, and our team will organise the materials. In most instances, we won’t need to return for another survey as it would already be done.

3. Ordering, Suppling & Installing

We will order your preferred components for your fascia and soffit repair and – when it arrives – call you to book a convenient time to carry out the installation. Once installed, you will be shown how our fascia and soffit repair has helped your home. You will also have the opportunity to check through our sign-off sheet to ensure you are happy with our service and your product.

Only then do you part with your money and pay.

To keep costs minimal, we take online banking payments or cheques. Once paid, you will receive a follow-up call. We do this to ensure everything went well and give you the opportunity to provide any feedback – good or bad (though we aim for the former!) You will also receive a validated invoice.

Boyland Windows process may take a little longer than our competitors – but it’s not without reason. We put YOU in charge and ensure you receive the best rates available. The whole process is controlled, and you get the product and service you deserve.

For more information on our ethical policy, click here.

Some of our key services


The best views are through our windows.

Featuring the highest quality standards, our range is made of wood, aluminium, UPVC, steel and composite materials.

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Available in wood, aluminium, UPVC and composite materials, we only supply the most attractive and secure doors.

✅ | UPVC “Veka” Patio Sliding Doors
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Spacious, energy-efficient and uniquely designed.

Open your home up to your garden with Boyland Windows. Take control of the elements with our expertly designed conservatories.

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Get in touch to learn more about our fascia and soffit repair services

First impressions are everything. Make yours count with Boyland Windows.

Boyland Windows are the solution provider for all your home improvement needs. We work with many product partners to supply you with the best possible option to use with your GOV Double Glazing Grant. Our experienced installers operate in . . .

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Have any further questions about our fascia and soffit repair services? Our friendly advisors can point you in the right direction – just get in touch.


Our Lifetime Guarantee . . .

Boyland Windows – Guarantees UPVC and Aluminium Products

Boyland Windows – Guarantees Wood Products

Boyland Windows – Guarantees Care & Maintenance of your Conservatory or Orangery

✔ We purchase quality products with certifications of approval from governing bodies

✔ We are also checked, monitored and regularly scored by independent bodies

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