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Doors that Lock Behind You

Doors that Lock Behind You

Why worry about security when you can invest in doors that lock behind you?

The thought of a stranger rifling through your possessions is enough to set anyone’s hairs on edge.

The harder you make it for a burglar, the less likely a break-in will occur. Yet, thinking 24/7 about home invasion isn’t good for one’s health – but do you know what is? Doors that lock behind you.

Whilst CCTV and alarms are a good way to deter potential burglars, a high-quality lock is the best means of prevention. Regardless of whatever other security measures you might have in place, nothing is a substitute for the right locking system. Locks are a fundamental element of exterior door security.


Strong and reliable locks are a major deterrent for would-be intruders, because doors are a common point of entry for criminals who are breaking and entering.

Homeowners should always prioritise their home security and there’s no better way to ensure you’ve taken the relevant measures than by locking your entryway. By automatically locking your door at all times, you set a precedent to protect yourself, your family, your belongings and your privacy. The thought of a stranger rifling through your possessions is enough to set anyone’s hairs on edge – especially when your home is supposed to be a safe sanctuary and a respite from the wider world. Yet, all this could be prevented by utilising entry doors that lock behind you.


If you ever forget to lock your doors and can’t seem to shake a bad habit, then investing in doors that lock behind you could be the simplest way of helping secure your property.

Doubling back to double-check whether you locked your doors is a thing of the past when you invest in doors that lock behind you. Sure, you could do your utmost to adapt a routine – and leave yourself little notes to lock up – but it only takes one inconsistency to coincide with a nefarious individual to leave your home vulnerable.


How do doors that lock behind you help your home’s security?

If you close the door from the inside it locks on the latch so no one can enter.

Contrary to popular belief, doors that lock behind you can be just as effective as regular locks. Part of the reason why they’ve received such defamation is simply because homeowners haven’t engaged the locking mechanisms properly. More often than not, these individuals simply push or pull the door closed behind them. This means that a firm kick or shoulder barge could be all that’s standing between your home and opportunist thieves.


Entry doors typically use the following three locking mechanisms to secure entryways.

Lever-lever system

The most prominent is the lever-lever system. With this, you physically have to lift the handle to engage the multi-point locking mechanism and turn the key to lock it.


Auto-looking system

An alternative is auto-locking systems. With this, a special catch automatically triggers as it hits the frame. This engages the multi-point lock and latch, automatically securing the door.


Split-spindle system

The third is a hybridised mechanism. With this, when you close the door, it triggers the latch behind you. However, it doesn’t engage the multi-point locking mechanism.

Here at Boyland Windows, we highly recommend investing in a split-spindle system if you’re interested in doors that lock behind you. The split-spindle system is visually similar to the lever-lever system but the handles work independently of each other. With one installed, if you close the door from the inside it locks on the latch so no one can enter. This is perfect if you’re on the lookout for doors that lock behind you. However, keep in mind that if you don’t have your keys on hand when you close the door, the door will be secure and you could end up locked out!


What you should consider when buying doors that lock behind you

Boyland Windows tend to recommend the split-spindle lock.

There are plenty of important factors to consider when looking for the ideal doors that lock behind you. These differ between individuals, which means that the right lock will vary between homeowners and their circumstances.


Factors to consider when choosing a lock for your home include:

Door material

Some locks are unsuitable with particular materials. For example, five-lever mortise deadlocks and uPVC doors. In which case, we suggest wooden or composite options.

Security standards

If burglary poses a high risk in your local area, it makes sense to invest in strong doors that lock behind you. Be vigilant and protect yourself against the level of risk around you.

Home insurance requirements

If your insurance provider specifies the type of lock they want you to use, ensure you choose it and make proper use of the locking system. Failing to do so might void your policy.


If you want to prevent access from the outside automatically and want to invest in doors that lock behind you, then a split spindle operation should fit the bill. With this lock, you can open the door and exit using the inside handle. However, you’ll need a key to work the latch bolt to get back in. Most front doors are like this, which is why Boyland Windows tends to recommend this option.


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