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Do I need Planning permission to change my windows?

In most cases no.

Even if you’re changing from wood to Upvc or Aluminium and changing the colour, however you will need a FENSA-certified installer to carry out the work.

Boyland Windows is FENSA registered and this means we are self-certified to sign off the works in accordance with building regulations. You will need this certificate when you come to sell.

However, there are occasions when you would need permission.

If you live in a listed building, you will need Listed Building Consent. It is highly unlikely you will be allowed to upgrade the windows to double glazing. Speak to your council’s Listing Officer to see exactly what you can do.

If your house is in a designated area (conservation area, national park, or area of outstanding natural beauty) there may be additional restrictions in place. It doesn’t mean you can’t, just means you will need to get permission.

For leasehold properties such as apartments and new build developments, there may be covenants in the lease that restrict the style and colour of windows you can have. Before making any changes to your windows (including painting a different colour) contact the management company for permission.

Finally, check your deeds for when you brought your property that the permitted development rights had not been removed. If this is the case, you will need also get permission.

You should be aware when you brought your property whether the last 4 paragraphs apply.

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