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Do all new windows have the same level of security ?

Do all new windows have the same level of security? The simple answer here is no

All windows as a basic level must comply with BS6375 part 2 .This makes sure they have basic security.

However, as a minimum you want to make sure your windows have PAS 24 certification. This means the manufacturer has had one window tested to meet the British standard on high security and then use this test data to make all other windows.

But for absolute peace of mind you want your windows to meet the Police initiative SBD (Secure By Design). This means the windows are tested to PAS24 as above, but every year the manufacturer has to submit samples to be retested to make sure they still comply.

Then to further enhance the security of the window, specify you want a double-glazed unit with a 6.8mm laminated pane in. This effectively is like putting shopfront spec glass in your windows. Any attempt on the glass would mean they would have to crack the glass try cutting the interlayer and then crack the internal pane. This is something any attacker wouldn’t even try.  It also has the benefit of reducing sound and UV.

Boyland windows always specify PAS24 windows as a minimum, but generally use SBD windows.

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