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What’s the Difference Between a Lever Handle, Split Spindle and Slam Shut Door Lock?

There are varying door materials, UPVC, Composite, Wood and Aluminium. Further to this depending on the type of door chosen, there are different locking options.

Let’s explore the pro & cons of each locking system.

White UPVC Door

Lever Handle

This is the most common. You have a lever handle to open and close the door from both sides. Generally, you lift the handle up to throw all the multipoint locks and turn the key to lock. To unlock turn the key and push the handle down to open.

Pros – Easy grip and you’re in control of locking the door and won’t get locked out (unless you lose your key)  

Cons – if you forget to turn the key it’s not locked and someone can get just the push lever down and walk in.

Split Spindle

This is visually the same as the Lever Handle with a lever handle inside and out, the difference being the handles are independent of each other. 

Pros – if you pull the door from the inside it locks on the latch, so no one can follow you in, or if you forget to lift the handle and turn the key on the way out it is locked on the latch.

Cons – if it slams shut behind you and you don’t have keys you are locked out.

Slam Shut

These locks are generally designed for pull bar handles but can be used with a knob and finger pull. They don’t have level handles; they have multipoint latches. To lock from the inside you turn the key or thumb turn to wind out the deadlock. Externally you pull to and all latches engage, and you turn the key to deadlock. 

Pros – no level handle, pull the door too and it’s locked by its 3 no latches 

Cons – if it slams shut behind you and you don’t have keys you are locked out. If your grip isn’t so good, turning the key inside to lock can be fiddly.

They are all, equally security rated when locked, it’s a user preference and door style choice, just make sure you let us know which you prefer when ordering.

If this information was useful to you why not get in contact with us to have work on your doors and windows done correctly?

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