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Best uPVC Windows

Best uPVC Windows

What makes ours the BEST uPVC windows around?

Virtually maintenance-free. Highly energy efficient. Cost-effective.

If you’re on the hunt for the best uPVC windows, read on to learn about Boyland Windows pick of the best local companies. Whether you’re looking for increased kerb appeal, enhanced security or improved insulation, uPVC is the answer. Once you’ve installed a combination of uPVC and double glazing in your home, you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. Double glazing can provide warmth, safety, and even a bit of peace and quiet. So, if you’re still looking, know that Boyland Windows offers the UK’s best uPVC windows available.

uPVC has gained popularity for being an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option.

Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, uPVC can replicate traditional timber whilst remaining maintenance-free. Unlike other window and door materials, there’s no risk of rust, rot or need to repaint. Finding the perfect style for your property is easy too, as there’s a wide range of colours, finishes and types to choose from. Yet, some might say too easy. There are now so many uPVC window manufacturers on the market that it can be quite difficult to find the best one for you. To ensure your property receives a quality uPVC window, you must choose a brand that offers a premium profile. And we’ve made the following list to help you on your way. If any catch your eye, simply get in touch with a member of our team.

uPVC windows – The Residence Collection

Premium windows and doors.

The Residence Collection brings together a suite of premium window and door systems. Designed in Gloucestershire – and extruded in Wiltshire – Boyland Windows is a trusted fabricator and installer of their units. We are happy to play a part in the lifespan of a British product for British homes.

They made their first foray into uPVC windows back in 2021 with Residence 9, featuring:

  • Authentically replicates 19th-century timber designs
  • Traditionally elegant flush exterior and stylish decorative interior
  • A combination of design, innovation and technological advancement
  • Double or triple-glazed with A++ energy ratings
  • uPVC frames come in 23 standard colourways

Their brief was simple. Create a timber alternative window that could stand the test of time.

Extract principles, shapes and dimensions from the Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines. Once isolated, they wanted to integrate this in heritage sites, using maintenance-free materials. Their initial foray into this was Residence 9. Thermally and acoustically brilliant, R9 features the latest security, maintenance and performance innovations. They have now developed further flush window and door systems based on their knowledge and expertise in that market. In 2016 The Collection was born and now incorporates a full suite of premium window and door products.

Residence 9 – Casement Windows

Market-leading design for modern living.

Residence 9 is proud to be designed and made in the UK. It was created with the enduring designs of British architecture in mind, with many bespoke options that can satisfy a range of homes. Whether it be the grandeur of stately homes to the solid good looks of Georgian and Victorian properties. It’s even perfectly suited for present-day abodes.

Residence 9 is an eclectic blend of traditional aesthetics and innovative design.

Whatever period your property is, we know your Residence 9 windows and doors will look great. By considering conservation guidelines, they authentically replicated traditional timber sightlines. If you’re on the lookout for the best uPVC windows around, you’ll immediately notice the benefits of the thermally efficient R9 chamber design. It’s capable of retaining the traditional character of older homes despite its modern glazing.

Designed to replicate the flush timber designs found in heritage properties in towns, villages and cities.

Replace your windows and doors with an authentic design. Complete with a range of heritage colours, you won’t have to consider losing the character appearance and feel of the period. Our choice of hardware designs will further complement your look, whether your style is contemporary or period. Further options include Georgian bars and a weatherbar/mullion stiffener. Both of which can be added to replicate existing windows or add character to your home.

uPVC windows – The Roseview Collection

Industry-leading sash windows for the trade.

Roseview Windows are the UK’s leading sash window manufacturer. Established in 1977, they started manufacturing uPVC sash windows for the double-glazing trade in 1985. They were the first company in the UK to do so. As a result, their knowledge and experience of the best uPVC windows are – quite simply – unparalleled. So whether you’re an installer, builder, architect, specifier or homeowner, when it comes to sash windows, Roseview is the right place.

You see, Roseview doesn’t just make and sell uPVC windows.

When you spend your days striving to make the best, most beautiful, most authentic sash windows you can, you think a lot about certain things. Pointedly, heritage, conservation and tradition. And then you add in a healthy dose of modern manufacturing, sustainability, efficiency and logistics. And – finally – you top it off with a focus on customer service.

After all, there’s no point making stunning, authentic windows if your customers can’t quote, order, receive and install them!

Sash windows are a traditional product, and we’re based in a traditional market town. So it would be tempting to think of Roseview as a traditional company. Yet, whilst Roseview is based in the pretty Buckinghamshire market town of Olney, it’s kept growing. That’s partly why they utilise installers such as Boyland Windows to do that part of the job on their behalf!

Roseview – Vertical Sliding Sash uPVC Windows

Ultimate Rose – Style. Elegance. Authenticity.

The award-winning mechanically-jointed Ultimate Rose is, quite simply, one of the best uPVC windows in the UK. Joinery-style mechanical joints, run-through horns and wood grain finishes contribute to its authenticity. Coupled with its slim sightlines, it makes it indistinguishable from a timber original.

Heritage Rose – Authentic. Versatile. Beautiful.

The Heritage Rose combines period character and charm with the benefits of modern materials and techniques. This is a versatile, customisable, conservation-grade window that looks great in any property – new or old. With a range of available options, you can create stunning Heritage Rose sash windows to suit your requirements and budget.

Charisma Rose – Period looks, modern benefits.

Charisma Rose is a competitively priced sash window suitable for any property. Yet, whilst this is Roseview’s most cost-effective window, it hides a wealth of modern technology. Coupled with the top-notch security beneath its traditional appearance, the Charisma Rose is one to look out for. Suitable for anything from new build to period properties, it certainly makes our list of the best uPVC windows.

uPVC windows – The Timberlook Collection

Authentic designs, hand-built with mechanical joints, for conservation and renovation projects.

Timberlook is one of the UK’s bigger manufacturers of uPVC & Aluminium Windows, Doors, & Conservatories. They replicate traditional wooden windows and doors with energy-efficient uPVC profiles. Timberlook flush sash windows are mechanically-jointed, with the most authentic-looking square joints. Timberlook mimics original heritage flush casement designs and eliminate diagonal welds.

The flush style is ideal for period or historic projects.

Using patented Timberweld technology, Timberlook window edges are completely sealed. The resultant traditional butt-joint is easily the most authentic on the market. Their windows are accepted in conservation areas by local planning authorities. Its minimal, modern looks are often used in new build homes and easily make our best uPVC windows list.

Designed to look identical to traditional wooden frames, Timberlook uPVC windows are unmatched.

Modern materials make it possible to achieve the character you want with a window that’s thermally efficient and secure. Undoubtedly more affordable than timber, they will impact the comfort and appearance of any property. Timberlook windows are made for modern living. It has a minimal and understated appearance, suited to contemporary and new build properties too.

Timberlook – Casement Windows

Tradition and technology.

To create a true timber alternative window, Timberlook features some important design details. From its square mortise and tenon looking fabrication to a fine selection of colours, hardware and handles. This modern uPVC window is almost identical to heritage wooden frames.

As beautiful as real timber is, it can swell, shrink, warp or twist depending on the weather. Timberlook simply doesn’t need that sort of maintenance.

From an installer point of view, the 70mm frame depth ensures quicker installation. Glass units are supplied separately and not bonded in. This makes frames and glazing safer to handle, and potential remedial work is made less complicated. Wooden window frames are expensive to buy and need ongoing care and attention. The cost and time to preserve their appearance will soon add up. Yet, unlike other heritage window systems on the market, the Timberlook window is hand-built in the proper way. This way, they achieve the look of traditional butt joints.

Heritage flush sash windows need to look beautiful on the inside too. Timberlook system has a fully sculptured ovolo internal profile.

Don’t accept anything less than the traditional designs of wood-foiled and butt-jointed windows. The curved details provide a more ornate finish to the overall inside appearance of your windows. The inside can also be finished in our beautiful selection of woodgrain foils, and a different colour to the outside. Timberlook can blend seamlessly with existing decor or fit right into a new scheme

uPVC windows – The VEKA Collection

We care. We act.

Looking for the best uPVC windows? Then look no further than VEKA. In doing so, you’re not only sure to receive an industry-leading product but a service from a trusted installer that’s second to none. Boyland Windows are amongst those chosen. Our team have fitted these specialist units for years and strive to do so for years to come. Expertly fitted VEKA windows offer homeowners improved style, increased security and energy efficiency. This means that these systems not only look amazing but can help reduce your energy bills too. What’s more, could you ask for when looking for the best uPVC windows on the market?

There are many benefits to choosing high-quality VEKA windows, including:

  • Expert local installers you can trust
  • Industry-leading products and designs
  • Energy-efficient temperature control
  • A wide range of styles, colours and finishes
  • Suitable for classic and contemporary homes
  • Optimised security for complete peace-of-mind
  • A variety of glazing options to suit your home
  • Low-maintenance cleaning with just soap and water


Discover premium VEKA windows for your project.

VEKA offers some of the best uPVC windows on the market. Their range of options features uncompromising quality, tremendous versatility and unparalleled functionality. Better still, these market-leading systems are suitable for residential and commercial requirements. Beyond aesthetics, VEKA’s window range is optimised with state-of-the-art functionality. Benefit from security, ease of cleaning, and unrivalled thermal and acoustic performance.

uPVC Casement Windows

Unlimited options for ultimate flexibility.

Compared to other materials like wood, fibreglass and aluminium, VEKA’s uPVC casement windows offer a range of benefits. Chief amongst these is that they are energy efficient and weather-tight windows. The high-quality uPVC eco-friendly materials result in windows and doors that are low maintenance. This ultimately served to reduce the costs for the end client. Distinctive features and first-rate functionality are indicative of Halo Casement Windows. They are uniquely designed to offer unrivalled choice and quality for various project demands.

In doing so, they fit snuggly amongst some of the uPVC windows.

The technically advanced multi-chambered system has a variety of reinforcement options. These include thermal inserts for advanced performance, added security and thermal benefits. This makes VEKA fully compliant with the latest building regulations. Yet, VEKA’s high performance in all weather conditions also adheres to the latest product testing standards. A casement window is a type of window that is commonly attached to its frame via multiple hinges.

This is a versatile option for both commercial and residential buildings alike.

VEKA Casement Windows allows for top-hung and side-hung casements to accept a full range of hardware. Casement windows have always been a popular choice for homes and buildings across the UK. The reliability of the multi-hinge and relative ease of installation make the casement window one of the go-to best uPVC windows. Additional features can also be added. These include mock horns and Georgian bars to our casement windows.

uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Style and function combined.

Much like Fully Reversible windows, Tilt and Turn windows deliver a practical yet stylish option for elevated spaces. If you are situated in a high-rise building, a block of flats or a hotel, the external glass cleaning can be achieved inside. A Fully Reversible window is essentially a variation on the Tilt and Turn design. Its special 180° reversible opening mechanism pivots within the axis of the hinge so the window can be turned “inside out”. In doing so, it protrudes into the room to allow easy, safe and secure cleaning of the external glass from inside the property.

Such a simple yet effective function should easily top the best uPVC available.

However, even with this said, Tilt and Turn windows are not quite like their counterparts. Instead, they offer a wide opening, but the window cannot rotate 180° and turn “inside out”. This still makes them great for ventilation but far safer. Whilst both windows are ideal for multi-storey properties, we would recommend the Tilt and Turn. Yet, for properties that need a window that can turn inside out for ease of cleaning the external glass, we put forward the Fully Reversible.

Perfect for properties when an inward opening is required.

Extremely secure. Tilt and Turn Windows are designed with high-security multi-point locking mechanisms. This makes them ideal for security-conscious home or business owners. The windows also come with child safety lock restrictors, while the tilt mechanism ensures they can safely remain open all day. As already said, Tilt and Turn windows enable efficient external glass cleaning from the inside. A great choice for high rise buildings where cleaning and security are as important as light and style.

uPVC Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Heritage needn’t mean compromise.

Traditionally made of timber, the design of a sash window allows the opening sash of the window to slide vertically. These systems can be made in various styles and provide fresh air and ventilation for your rooms. They are typically more common in older houses or when homeowners want to capture a specific aesthetic. Sash windows are amongst the best uPVC windows available because they offer a clean interior and exterior look for your home. By clean, we mean that the sash closes level with the outer frame. Yet, unlike traditional sash windows, it sits inline rather than protrudes from the exterior brickwork of your home.

The result is a clean, modern, and stylish appearance.

Thanks to their integrated locking systems, uPVC windows provide a high level of security for your home. Most uPVC window locking systems lock at multiple points around the sash and frame. However, there are plenty of ways these are among the best uPVC windows on the market. For example, a key benefit of uPVC windows is their low maintenance. They won’t rot and are resistant to corrosion, this makes uPVC windows extremely long-lasting. Plus, like all uPVC windows, its frames don’t need painting or sealing which reduces the maintenance required over their lifetime.

The best windows combine double glazing for highly energy-efficient windows.

Prices can vary depending on the quality and features of the windows, but uPVC windows offer a much more affordable price. uPVC windows are made from a section of the frame. This is cut to length and joined to form the shape of the window. The frames are formed by putting molten PVC through a moulding machine, which exits and is cooled almost immediately. Then, its cut to fit the correct size of the window and joined together using heat-based welding. Steel or aluminium lengths are then put inside to give it additional strength if required.

Get in contact for more information on our take on the best uPVC windows

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If we were to sum up Boyland Windows, we would say we are a solution provider for all your home improvement needs. We work with many product partners to supply you with the best possible option to use with your GOV Double Glazing Grant.


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