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uPVC Doors

Boyland Doors - uPVC Doors

Cut out drafts, keep your possessions safe, and make a great first impression with uPVC Doors from Boyland Windows

See why people love to buy uPVC Doors from Boyland Windows

  1. Our double glazed doors help insulate your home to cut down on energy costs
  2. Galvanised steel reinforcements keep you safe and secure
  3. You don’t have to order on the night to get our ‘Best Price Promise’

Our Double Glazed uPVC Door Range

Boyland Doors Styles

How Boyland’s uPVC Doors keep the warmth in and the elements out

  • Precision fit to cut out drafts
  • Frames and panels made from heat insulating uPVC
  • Energy efficient double glazed window panels, sidelights and fanlights

How Boyland’s uPVC Doors keep your possessions safe

  • Galvanised steel reinforcements deter burglars from forcing entry
  • Double shoot bolt locking improves security even further


Our uPVC doors are manufactured to the highest standards using the Veka profile, and can be supplied in brilliant white or wood grain finish.

We think of a door as being much more than way to enter your home, and we know the choice of options can sometimes be confusing.

We won’t put a salesman in your home, but our friendly surveyor Simon Pitcher is great at helping you get a feel for what you’d really like.

So whether you want to let more light into your home, maximise the walk though to your patio or conservatory, or just want to put a warm smile on your face when you get to your front door, we can help it happen with the bonus of a best price promise for great value.

Need to match a design theme or just have a favourite colour?

Our uPVC Doors can be supplied in virtually any colour to suit your requirements.

uPVC Doors - Colours


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Simon Pitcher
If your query is related to a FREE survey and a written quote, then qualified joiner Simon is your next point-of contact.

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Cliff Thrumble
Cliff is our Managing Director, and he monitors the results of every sale and installation to make sure our customers are 100% happy.

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