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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Slimmer profiles, maximum durability and eco friendly – Aluminium Windows are the ideal choice for a contemporary look in a variety of colours

If you are considering Aluminium as an option for your Window, Door or Conservatory profiles but unsure about the differences they offer over uPVC or Timber, Simon Pitcher will be happy to take time out and explain the differences between these three main products.

Appearance and options

Despite the advances in uPVC technology over the last few years, it is still possible to make a slimmer profile with Aluminium.

This is because uPVC profile requires internal reinforcement to provide the strength, whereas Aluminium is naturally stronger and in effect provides its own reinforcement.

Advances in manufacturing techniques also contribute to elegant sight lines and give homeowners the choice of ovolo (rounded), chamfered or square edges to the Window profile.

The process of powder coating Aluminium provides resistance against corrosion as well as the opportunity to finish the Windows in different colours.

Aluminium Window frames can be fitted directly to brickwork to provide a contemporary frameless look, or if you want to take advantage of the benefits of Aluminium but have a traditional look in mind, then the windows can be fitted to solid wood frames.

Keeping an eye on those energy bills

Helping homeowners to save money by reducing their energy bills is an important focus at Boyland Windows.

Aluminium Windows are excellent at increasing the warmth and comfort in your home and here’s how its done:

Despite being super slim, Aluminium Windows still use double glazed sealed glass units so you can take advantage of the latest heat reflective glass.

Aluminium Windows use a material called ‘polyamide’ to provide what’s known as a thermal break. Filling the internal (room facing) part of the frame with this heat insulating material means more heat stays inside the room

Enhanced security and peace of mind

Once again, advances in comparative products such as uPVC and Timber Windows have been very good over the last few years, but the most security conscious people still feel safer with Aluminium Windows.

Aluminium profiles are super-rigid and highly resistant to being prized or forced apart.

They can also be fitted with the latest shoot-bolt or cockspur locking systems

Your choice of finishes

Need to match a design theme or just have a favourite colour?

Our Aluminium Windows can be supplied in virtually any colour to suit your requirements.

Aluminium Windows - Colours



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