We are part of a group that has been established longer than any other household name in the home improvement industry.

Best Price Promise

Ethical Policy

By operating ethically, our customers feel comfortable buying home improvement solutions in the knowledge they have received high quality, long lasting products at genuinely competitive prices.

No Salesmen

We don’t employ salesmen or sales closers (salesmen with a remit to secure a sale on the first appointment at any cost).

All surveys are managed by Director, Simon Pitcher.

His role is to answer any questions you may have regarding the ability of our uPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories to reduce your heating bills, increase the comfort level in your home, and to look smarter.

We won’t attempt to baffle you with industry jargon.

We’ll just give you expert advice in any area you require.

No False Discounting

This is probably the area of home improvement marketing that causes the most confusion and frustration amongst customers.

False Discounting is the process where a discount is offered against a fictitious starting price.

It’s easy to manipulate starting prices and enable companies to offer things like:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Save 25%, and another 25% if you buy on the night

The point is, no one company offers products at significantly lower prices than any other. If they do, there is always a catch.

All companies have to make a modest profit on the sales and installation of goods they supply.

At Boyland Windows, our policy is to make a profit that allows money to be continuously reinvested in people and processes, whilst at the same time giving our customers genuine value for money.

We never select products or components just to be able to offer the cheapest price because we want our customers to benefit from the products we supply for many years to come – and that means providing quality.

Written Quotes

There are quite a few things that make up a quote for Windows, Doors and Conservatories.

Profile (the frames), glass, locking, hardware (handles etc). Trying to figure out what’s what and if you are really getting the best package is difficult to do when you are having products measured up.

So at Boyland Windows, we recommend you always ask for a written quote and that is best produced back at the office.

Receiving a quote in the post or popped back through your door gives you time to compare offers from different companies.

Worried that brilliant offers won’t be available if you wait? Had a salesman call his superior to get a special one off price if you order on the night?

Don’t worry about any of it. Your prices will still be available in a day or two’s time, whoever you are buying from.

Best Price Promise

Every company has a lowest price they can provide goods and services for without being financially reckless.

At Boyland Windows, we don’t believe in getting you to jump through hoops like trying to recognise false discounting or understand complex offers with free this or free that.

We just give you our Best Price Promise based on the following rules:

  • Our Window frames are made to high standards of durability and finish by one of the worlds largest manufacturing companies
  • We offer a choice of glass units to suit your requirements and budget. Each type of glass is energy rated and meets the most stringent BSI Standards
  • We expect the hardware such as hinges, stays and handles to function for the lifetime of the windows – we don’t scrimp on hardware quality
  • The standard of our installation work is as high as it can get. Our installers are some of the most experienced and highly trained in the industry.


Our Ethical

Home Improvement Protection
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Just ask for
Lisa Jeffries
Lisa is our bubbly head of customer support. Ask for her by name and she will be happy to answer any query or direct you to the right department.

01202 499499

Simon Pitcher
Just ask for
Simon Pitcher
If your query is related to a FREE survey and a written quote, then qualified joiner Simon is your next point-of contact.

01202 499499

Cliff Thrumble
Just ask for
Cliff Thrumble
Cliff is our Managing Director, and he monitors the results of every sale and installation to make sure our customers are 100% happy.

01202 499499

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